the last decision you'll ever have to make

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Flipflop is a Google Chrome extension that helps indecisive people make decisions between two options by posting HITs on Mechanical Turk. This is currently in development mode, and will be posting HITs to workersandbox.mturk.com

How to install:

  1. Clone/download the extension to your machine
  2. Navigate to chrome://extensions on your Google Chrome
  3. Make sure the Developer Mode box on the top right is checked
  4. Choose "Load unpacked extension..."
  5. Select the working directory for flipflops

How to use:

  1. Click on the browser action button
  2. Type in a question for context, to present to your worker
  3. Select an image from the website or submit a link. There's an option to upload your own image, but tbh it's still buggy.
  4. Don't forget to click on the tiny checkmark when you've decided on an image.
  5. You can switch tabs/select images from different tabs
  6. Select the number of workers you want to get opinions from. You can enter any amount, but we recommend an odd number under 20, because you'll be waiting a long time if you choose 5000 and you may even get a tie.
  7. Select accelerate if you want immediate result when there's a clear majority.
  8. You will (should) get a chrome notification when a decision is available!
  9. You can check the status of your HITs with the list button on the top of the popup.

Beware of bugs:


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