Select the best answers for the following questions.

  1. Which of the following methods works best for list items on website content?
    1. Stack items vertically on mobile, span them horizontally on bigger screens
    2. Add whitespaces on bigger screens
    3. Use icons on mobile, and icons plus texts on bigger screens
    4. Hide elements on mobile, show them on bigger screens
  2. When should you use whitespace to handle responsive design?
    1. Every time. It's fast and effective.
    2. When minimalism is the goal of the website.
    3. When there is limited data that can be displayed and there are no columns that can be added.
    4. When elements can be hidden.
  3. How do you decide between using hamburger menu and icons for navigation?
    1. Hamburger menu should be used in mobile layouts, and icons should be added when there is extra space.
    2. Hamburger menu can be used when the menus are too complicated to be represented by icons.
    3. Hamburger menu should be used when there are too many items in the navigation, or when icons can't be used to represent the items in navigation.
    4. Hamburger menu should be avoided. Icons rule!

Great job on the quiz! I hope you learn something new :)